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April 20, 2020  

Want your company to be agile? Start by making your people feel stable.

April 20, 2020

There may be no more important time to be agile than now, when the entire economy has been disrupted and nothing about the way we do business is normal. But new research finds the single most important factor in a company’s ability to be agile is actually its foundational stability.

And let’s face it: Stable is not something a lot of business leaders are feeling right now.

So we talked with Elaine Pulakos, the CEO of talent management consulting firm PDRI in Arlington, Virginia. She’s the author of the research about agility and is the co-author of an article about how to build agile teams that published in Harvard Business Review this month.

We also talk with chat with IBJ reporter Susan Orr about the state of the paycheck protection program and its impact in Indiana.


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